Digital Marketing – A key to Opportunities for Housewives!

Digital Marketing – A key to Opportunities for Housewives!

Probably it won’t be wrong if I say that in our country the job of Housewives is the most undervalued and underrated.

But gone are the days when women were restricted to the household chores. And they were not allowed to enter into the so-called “male domain” of the world outside the four walls of their house.

Now the women of the 21st century are educated and self-reliant. Women are now more ambitious and do not like to sit at home idly. They want to make their own identity and contribute to the earning of a household.

But to balance the job of both inside and outside world is not an easy task. Many times due to the imperativeness of their household responsibilities and duties, Women are not being able to pursue their desires.

Digital Marketing could be a savior for those housewives who are willing to give shape to their career and fulfill their desires. Digital Marketing is a fast pace growing field and offers an array of opportunities for housewives.

Work from Home

Housewives don’t only have one or two jobs to do, they carry tons of responsibilities on their shoulders like cooking food, looking after children, cleaning home, and doing groceries.

One of the major problems that Housewives face is that they can’t invest time in a full-time job. They are so much engrossed in their household duties that they barely get time to devote it to full day job.

Digital Marketing renders a wide range of scope to work from home. You can also work at your convenient time. For example, if you are a blogger then you can write your blog at any time whether it is a day or night.

There are many ways that Digital Marketing offers through which Housewives can be independent and earn money. Some of them are:


The rise of Digitization has led to the growth of Freelancing today. It is a great medium to showcase your abilities and also to monetize it.

Housewives can also work as a freelancer. There are many websites like freelancer, Fiverr, upwork, etc. which provides freelancing for writing, designing, data entry, social media, etc.

You can take individual projects from the above-stated websites and then finish it on time. Freelancing can be done from anywhere.


If you have a natural flair for writing but couldn’t vent it, then Digital Marketing provides you with the platform to do so.

You can write either for your own website or for other’s and get paid for it.


You can start your own Online Business. This way you will be your own boss. You won’t need to report to anybody and everything can be done with ease.

All you need is the idea and Will to start your own venture.

Earn Online

You can also earn online through other means like Affiliate Marketing or Adsense. Again for earning money from such means won’t require you to go to the office or anywhere else, you can do this by sitting at home.

Make Videos

These days video making has become a very popular medium not just to make money but also to get fame. You can make videos and upload it on Youtube or you can even make your own youtube channel.

You can even incorporate part of your daily life routine in the video. For example, being a housewife cooking is part of your daily routine. So you can make videos of teaching how to make any food item, its recipes. Or you can teach the household remedies for various problems.


You can also do a professional job for a company. If you want to step outside the four walls of your house and you can manage or have time to do a full-time job, then you can do that too.

Digital Marketing is a vast industry and currently is in demand. It offers various Job prospects for job seekers.

So, Digital Marketing also allows you to switch your profile from being a housewife to a working woman.

Inspiring Housewives

There are quite a few inspiring housewives who took a path of the Digital world and established their identity successfully. They created a buzz in the Digital field with their hard work and dedication.

Some of them are:

Aditi Gupta - Women Entrepreneur


Aditi Gupta
(Co-founder of a famous comic Menstrupedia)


Meena Ganesh - Women Entrepreneur


Meena Ganesh
(CEO and MD of Portea, healthcare company)


Sheela - Women Entrepreneur


Sheela Kochouseph Chittilappilly
(Founder of V-Star, Indian Innerwear manufacturing Company)


Rekha Kakkar - Women Entrepreneur



Rekha Kakkar
(Blogger of My Tasty Curry)



Sairee Chahal - Women Entrepreneur


Sairee Chahal
(Founder and CEO of Sheroes)



Bandita Bose - Women Entrepreneur


Bandita Bose
(Founder of Unchainedreamz and seller of craft products)



Dolly Dharmshaktu - Women Entrepreneur


Dolly Dharmshaktu
(Founder of Digital Acharya and Talent Holic)



A housewife is a Homemaker who is the pillar of strength of the entire family. So, empowering housewives will, in turn, empower the whole family. Digital Marketing can be a useful tool in the process of empowering women and making them independent.

If you don’t have enough knowledge about this field then there are many institutes who provide Digital Marketing training. You can even search it online for the best institutes. Enroll yourself and pave your path towards success.

Don’t let the tag of housewife press down your inner desires and dreams. Be a working housewife and don’t be dependent on male counterparts to fulfill your wishes.

In fact, be a helping hand in the household expenditures by making money online.

One of the best parts of Digital Marketing is that you don’t need to do an intensive study or possess higher degrees. Digital Marketing training which lasts 3 to 6 months is sufficient to equip you with the knowledge and make you ready to conquer the digital world.

So, don’t let anything to stop you from chasing your dreams.



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