The Instagram Shadow Ban – Myth or Reality [Infographic]

The Instagram Shadow Ban – Myth or Reality [Infographic]

Recently, a term called “The Instagram Shadow Ban” has been doing rounds. But what it is? Is it a reality or a myth? These questions must be popping up in minds of many people. So let’s discuss it in detail to know if it is a truth or not.


Instagram Shadowban


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Instagram Shadow Ban is when your posts do show up for the hashtags that you use to the people other than your followers. This reduces your reach and engagement. But the question that arises is – Is it true? Or there is some other issue which led to this problem?

Lately, many users unanimously lodged the complaint that they have been hit by shadowban, which does lend validity to the existence of this penalty. According to the observations and findings being made, there can be many reasons which can cause Shadowban. It includes:

  • If you are using automated services which violates Instagram terms of services to buy followers
  • there is any broken hashtag
  • you are repeatedly using the same hashtags
  • you are crossing the daily limits of activities on Instagram
  • If your account is being reported continuously.


Though we did hear of many cases of it, it is not necessary that if you have lost engagement then you have been victimized by Shadowban. There could be other reasons. One of the easiest ways to check it is to ask one of your non-followers to see if your post is being shown on hashtags used by you.

One interesting fact about it is that on February 28, Instagram gave stated:

Shadowban Information by Instagram


Here, Instagram is signaling that this issue has been aroused on its own and they are working on it. Though, in my view, Instagram may have updated its algorithm to punish those who are non-compliance with the terms and conditions of it. Whatever the truth is I would personally recommend, to follow all the guidelines of Instagram and don’t jump onto any conclusion without verifying the facts.

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