Instagram Marketing Tools – 11 Ultimate Tools to Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram Marketing Tools – 11 Ultimate Tools to Grow Your Instagram Account

Are you striving to increase your Instagram Post Conversions for your business, but your efforts are not showing effective results? If you acquiesced with this statement then this blog about 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools is surely for you! 

Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular and fastest growing social network. It extends its services to the Business world too. You can use it to grow your business. By the means of Instagram, you can heighten your visibility and fetch traffic for your business. Some of the statistics, presented by AdEspresso, related to Instagram says:

  • There are around 500 million daily active users.
  • The engagement rate is 10x higher on Instagram for brands than other social media networks like Facebook.
  • Around 60% of users got to know about new products through Instagram

Instagram Growth



To make productive use of this platform to drive success is not a menial job to do. But, there are many tools that aid you and simplify this piece of work for you and boost your post conversions.

I can bet, after reading it you must have now put on your thinking cap and contemplating about these tools. Well don’t worry, let me alleviate your concern.

Here is the list of tools that I personally recommend to raise your post-conversion:

11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools


#1 of the 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools

1. Hoot suite


Instagram Marketing Tools - Hootsuite

Does it happen to you a lot that you forget or don’t get time to post on Instagram due to a busy schedule? No worries Hootsuite is your solution. Hootsuite is a popular and very useful social media management tool, created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. Scheduling your posts in advance can save your time and will ensure that it gets posted on time without any delay. Hootsuite can be a major helping hand for the purpose of scheduling your posts.

In a press release Ryan, CEO of Hoot suite, stated that “Scheduling and publishing of Instagram content have been the number one request for our 16 million customers”. This tool is easy to use, all you have to do is to upload and schedule your post on it. Then it automatically shares it on Instagram on the given date and time.

Besides scheduling, it also monitors and gives a report of your social media account. So, this all in one tool can really boost the performance of your social media activities.

#2 of the 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools

2. Linktree


Instagram Marketing Tools - Linktree

With the help of this free tool, you can increase the longevity of your posts. Yes, it allows you to house all your contents of your feed. And it generates a custom bio link to aid your followers to find all of your recent contents. This custom link will take you to the page with multiple links. It gives you an option of sharing up to 5 links. Thus, with this tool, you can direct your followers to multiple destinations (articles, events, social, website, etc.).  Hence, it customizes your Instagram traffic.

#3 of the 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools

3. Autohash


Instagram Marketing Tools - Autohash

The functioning of Instagram is based on Hashtags. Hashtags play a major role in bringing traffic for your post. According to Sprout social, posts on Instagram with at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more engagement than the post without any. Thus, it is very necessary to use effective, relevant and trending hashtags. Are you using correct hashtags for your content which is helping you to increase your likes and views? If you are not or you are not sure then Autohash is the best choice for you. This tool suggests you best-suited hashtags for your content. Go to this app, select the photo and Autohash will examine the object on it and will recommend relevant hashtags. Yes, it is just that simple! Moreover, it also tells you location-based hashtags with the help of GPS. So what you are thinking, start using this application to attract more viewers.

#4 of the 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools

4. Quik


Instagram Marketing Tools - Quik

Videos are the expedient tactic to generate engagement. Quik is an awesome tool to create and edit videos for your Instagram feed. You only need is to select the photos or videos. Then, this tool will use its magic wand to make an appealing video. It commingles your video with amazing effects, transitions, music, and automatic smart cuts. It offers more than 100 songs to incorporate in your video. Besides, you can also import and add music from your own library if you want to. You can customize your content with texts also. This tool, developed by GoPro, easily imports your videos from your galleries or Google Photos.

#5 of the 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools

5. Canva


Instagram Marketing Tools - Canva

Instagram is all about visual contents. Powerful and engaging contents hold the capacity to grab more eyeballs. There are many photo editing tools which allow you to create your image for Instagram posts. But, I personally recommend Canva for its wide range of features and panoptic designs to offer. Canva is a tool that lets you create effective and attractive images by providing you over 60,000 free templates. It offers more than one million images and designs and has hundreds of free fonts and element. Furthermore, you can add your own text to your images and choose the font style, size, and color of your text. You can create and edit appealing visual contents for Instagram posts and stories and easily share them through Canva. 

#6 of the 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools

6. Simply Measured


Instagram Marketing Tools - Simply Measured

Measuring your performance help you to know what is working for you and what is not. This, in turn, enables you to leverage an effective strategy to improve your performance. Simply Measured, as the name itself reveals its function, monitors your Instagram performance. This analytical software, owned by Sprout Social, can level up your strategic decision-making process. It gives a detailed report on your follower’s growth, reaches of your hashtags, competitive research, and video views. Moreover, it gives profound insights into your Instagram stories like story replies, post saves, story forwarded, etc. One of its most unique features is that it tracks your ROI of Instagram campaigns. It does not stop here; it allows you to see how many likes and comments you are receiving on daily basis. You can even identify which time of the day is the best for you to post your content.

#7 of the 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools

7. Storeo


Instagram Marketing Tools - Storeo

Instagram stories have gained rapid popularity since the time of its inception. Instagram Stories can be the best way to reach your audiences as it stays for 24 hours. With the use of Storeo, you can enhance your Instagram story content. The founders of this Instagram story making app are Brandon Bayer and Martin Holsinger. As you all know, Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload video clips for more than 15 seconds. As a result, you will have to either cut it down or upload each one individually to your story. Due to this problem, you may run out of time while recording and miss out an important part. Storeo can solve your problem as this tool enables you to record longer videos. Then it automatically gets uploaded on your Instagram story. It slices your video into 15 seconds parts and shows as one long video.

#8 of the 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools

8. Boomerang


Instagram Marketing Tools - Boomerang

You can make your video more captivating and fun filled with the help of this app which belongs to Instagram only. It helps you to make short videos or animations. Boomerang takes around 10 photos and then arranges them in sequence and shows it in fast motion, back and forth. You can say they are GIF’s like videos, neither proper videos nor photos but somewhere in between them, with no sounds. So make engaging content with Boomerang and attract your audience to like, comment and share.

#9 of the 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools



Instagram Marketing Tools -

This tool can be specifically beneficial for them who have just started with social media. It is a free tool that gives you an influencer score. The more your influencer score, the better it will be. This score monitors the impact of your content. The score is based on several metrics which includes your audience size, engagement, influence, community interactions, and trends. It is the best and cost-effective tool to know where you exist or how well your brand is performing. Instead of showing or analyzing so many different metrics, it gives you a simple score that concludes everything. With this tool, you can also analyze your competitors by checking their score.

#10 of the 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools

10. Crowdfire


Instagram Marketing Tools - Crowdfire

This tool manages the data of your followers on Instagram. Crowdfire allows you to identify inactive users and the people who unfollowed you. It gives you the option to unfollow those. Also, who can find the relevant users or those who might be interested in your services or product and you can follow them. This tool gives you a suggestion on the basis of your following patterns. With this tool, you can automatically know the relevant content on the basis of your topics of interest. You can check the relationship between any two Instagram accounts. Furthermore, it monitors the effect of social media updates on users.

#11 of the 11 Ultimate Instagram Marketing Tools

11. Ask Lisa


Instagram Marketing Tools - Asklisa

Are you confused about which image to post on Instagram? Ask Lisa is your savior! It chooses the best image for you to post on Instagram. This tool allows you to choose between two or five photos in each turn and compare them. Then, select the one which ought to perform the best. It uses AI photo recognition software. Besides helping you to pick the best performing image, it generates hashtags relevant to your image. So before posting your image use Ask Lisa to improve the engagement.


Instagram can help to grow your business in many ways. You just need to know how to effectively use this social media network. It gives you wide exposure and strengthens your relationship with your audience. 11 amazing Instagram marketing tools listed here can help you in identifying the need of your audience and thus, you can serve them better. They give you deep insights and fortify your social media presence. So, employ these tools and increase your social media post-conversion.

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