Why Your Website needs a Content Audit & How to Perform One

Importance of Content Audit

Why Your Website needs a Content Audit & How to Perform One

“Content Is King”, indeed it is very popular but also a true phrase in the world of internet. Content matters the most for any website of any organization. It is the content which attracts the audience and draws them towards your product or services.

Therefore, it is very important to keep track of your content and re-evaluate it from time to time. Content  Audit is a very essential activity to perform in terms of the Content of your website.

Though many organizations do not understand the importance to do the Content audit, it is indispensable when it comes to the improvement of your website and overall business. Before understanding its need, it is important to comprehend the meaning of Content Audit.

Here is the Infographic detailing the

Importance of Content Audit

Importance of Content Audit

What is Content Audit?

As the name suggests, Content Audit is a process of qualitative assessment of the content assets of your website. It is a foundation of content strategy which regulates the principles of Content Marketing. In simple terms, it is the analysis of the content of a website and organizing it in order to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.

There are two elementary grounds or reasons for doing Content Audit. First one involves from the perspective of SEO which includes examining keywords, word counts, optimized Images, usage of tags and other elements associated with it. It identifies weak spots of the content and also compares it to the current page rankings.

The second one is in the view of Content Marketing. It mainly focuses on page length, visits metrics, and social shares. It is mainly to determine how your audience is responding to your content and how your content or its strategies are working in the realm of content marketing.

Thus Content Audit is a measure to understand and asses the structure and quality of your content present on your website. Now that we know what it means, let’s try to grasp its importance and its need for your website.

Need for Content Audit for your Website

As discussed earlier, undoubtedly content is the most important part of your website. If your content is good enough then not only it can rank better on SERP but it will also attract visitors to your website. But despite having good content it is also very important to keep a check on it and revise it regularly in order to make it better.

With the changing scenarios and rising competition, it is essential to make your content up to date. Sometimes you don’t pay attention to your existing contents but it might become out of date and people may lose interest in the services provided by you.  That can be very harmful not only to the reputation of your organization but also for your business.

Also, now-a-day Google and other search engines have become smart enough with the latest tools to know if your content is copied or has any broken or spammy links or has any gaps. And due to this your website can get penalized by Google.

Thus to avoid such problems and to make your content up to date, Content Audit becomes the compelling thing to do. It is a must for any website to boost your engagement and conversion rate.

Evaluating Content Quality

The quality of Content is a very important part. High-quality content always works in your favor as it helps in increasing the engagement. The content should be original and up to date in order to rank better. Content Audit helps you in doing that.

As Content Audit aids in increasing content quality, it further helps to improve the trust and quality of a domain. It helps in assessing which content to keep, which content to improve and which one to be removed. It allows us to remove the low-quality content.

Fix your problems

By doing Content Audit you can ascertain the problems in your website content. You can determine content gaps if any or address performance issues. If there are any broken links you can also fix them. Also, you can ensure the relevancy and accuracy of your content.

Therefore, it allows you to find your problems and fix it before it gets de-rank or penalized. This will help you to improve your content and your business.

Easily Accessible

One of the most significant parts in terms of content strategy is the information structure of your website. You may have good content but if you lack structure or easy access to it then you might lose your visitors easily.

Your audience should have easy access to the information that he is seeking. He should have the best experience while coming to your website and should attain full satisfaction. He should easily get what he is seeking or searching for. By doing Content Audit, you can improve the architecture of the content of your website. And make it accessible or easy to find by both audience and search engine.

Now that we know its need, the next question that arises is how to do it.

How to do it?

There are different types of audit like full content audit which comprises the complete audit of the content of your website, Partial content audit or page wise audit. Below are the steps to follow to do Content Audit of your website:

Inventory or Collection of data

The very first step includes the gathering of the existing pages or posts on your website. Collect the URLs of the pages you want to audit. You can also use analytics tools like SEM rush for this purpose. These tools provide you with the list of important web pages on the basis of your sitemap data. After collecting URLs, segregate them into different categories or criteria. You can use an online tool or a spreadsheet for this purpose.

Analyze Data

After collecting your data, analyze the content you want to audit. This part With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily look for the content which is performing well in terms of generating leads and conversions. Assess your content based on your content strategy goals.

Keep the content that you think is benefitting you and giving you the best results and reuse it for the same. Check the content that needs to be improved and updated. Also, find the content which is underperforming or is of no further use and hence needs to be removed. Check for any other issues.

Perform action

After completely analyzing your content, it is time to take the required action. Audit your content. Rewrite it, refresh it, update it, improve it or optimize it. Take the recommended action. You can do it manually or you can do it with the help of online tools available. Once you finish it, analyze it once again and implement your content strategy.

These are the steps which you can follow to do Content Audit. Do not underestimate the power of Content  Audit.  It helps you to identify any flaw in your Content strategy and rectify it and assist you to rank better and get more visitors.

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