How to Monetize Pinterest Account – The Ultimate Guide

How to Monetize Pinterest Account – The Ultimate Guide

Social Media has today become one of the dominant factors on both personal and professional front. Besides providing informative contents and assuaging the communication process, it gives a platform to share our ideas and express our thoughts.

Social Media networks have emerged as a great source to promote your business. There are various popular and multipurpose Social Media channels and one of them is Pinterest.

This image-based social network allows you to share or discover informative contents in the form of pictures, videos or infographics. There are around 250 billion monthly active users of Pinterest. As you already know, it is a great tool to build the brand of your business. This image sharing application has a lot of other perks too. One of them is that you can also monetize your Pinterest account!

Many people are not aware of the money-making features of Pinterest. But there are numerous ways which you can employ to generate income through this social media site. Get acquainted with these ways to monetize your Pinterest.

This infographic let you know

How to Monetize Your Pinterest Account

How to Monetize Pinterest

1. Build Your Audience on Pinterest

The very first way to monetize your Pinterest account is to build your audience, that is, to get more followers. You can earn if you possess large followers base as marketers will approach you themselves with lucrative offers.  You can also contact them to add you as an influencer.

There are no. of ways to build your audience on Pinterest. Some of them are:

  • Create more specific or niche-relevant boards
  • Follow people who are relevant to your business
  • Choose trending topics
  • Include keywords in your pins
  • Repin and comment (but not too many)
  • Use relevant hashtags and tag people.
  • Promote your Pinterest account or pins through Email newsletters to attract more viewers.


2. Create a Visually Appealing Image

Pinterest is an image sharing application. It is all about visual contents. Thus, it is the utmost consequential to provide a visually appealing image. It is one of the best means to increase your followers so as to monetize your Pinterest account. Create attractive and innovative images and boards. You can use software such as Canva or adobe to create eye-catching images. Moreover, create at least 10 boards with 10 pins in each board.

Infographics are the most popular trend these days. So create impressive and unique infographics. You can also share some statistics or graphs related to your topic to make it look more authentic and engaging.

Besides, also do take care of the time as to when you are pinning. Pin in the most active hour of the day to get more views. Generally, for Pinterest, 11 P.M is considered to be the most active hour of the day by many Pinterest users.

3.  Sell Your Own Products

report says that 87% of users have bought a product because of Pinterest. You can sell your own products through sharing great pictures of your products. Add a link back to where you are selling your product. This platform allows you to share not just the image but also the product’s features or benefits.

You can also add discount offers on your product’s image. Use these tactics as bait to attract more customers for your product. Make sure that you are using ‘rich pins’.

4. Create and Grow Your Mail List

Create or grow your email list with Pinterest traffic to sell through your email list. To grow your list, provide exciting offers or giveaways like an e-book, coupon codes, guides, etc. Create a well-designed landing page and share it on Pinterest through social sharing button. You can also include links and call-to-action button in the caption or description on your Pinterest account to get more leads for your mail list. Apply these impelling tricks to tempt your audience to opt in your email list.

Moreover, keep track of your Pinterest mail campaigns by adding UTM Tracking code. This will let you know which pins are adding more value and generating more email signups for you. And which ones are not. So, this way you can implement your Pinterest strategies accordingly.

5. Affiliate Links

Many companies want their products to be advertised by others also. You can sign up as an affiliate and then promote the affiliate product on your board using your unique affiliate links. By promoting others product, you get a commission for the sales made through your link.

You can manage your affiliate links by using the services like Bitly. This way you can also track your pins and boards. Moreover, you can pin images of your reviews posts or youtube video reviews of an affiliate product with an affiliate link.

You can also be a part of the Amazon associate program to earn money online. Amazon associate program is one of the first and most successful online affiliate marketing programs. To partner with Amazon, you can apply for the Amazon associate program. After being approved, you will receive an affiliate link. Then you can promote the Amazon products on your blogs or web pages and include the affiliate link to it.

Pinterest doesn’t allow you to direct link to your Amazon affiliate link from your pin images. But you can link your pin images to your webpage which has an affiliate link of the product you want to promote.

6. Offer Services

If you have a service-based business instead of product-based, then you can advertise it on Pinterest. Create a portfolio board and share enticing contents regarding the services you offer.

You can also create a testimonial board and pin effective video testimonials of your customers. Link your every post back to your testimonial page. The testimonials will increase your authority in your niche and will make you more trustworthy.

7.  Make Money Through Sponsored Promotions

You can monetize Pinterest through sponsored posts for other brand’s product and get paid for it. You can collaborate with the brands and showcase their products. Also, you can write their product reviews.

But to promote another brand’s product, you need to have lots of followers to attract sponsored post requests easily. Even Brands look for the influencers having good followers base. The more traffic you will have, the more you will be paid. Once you build your following, you can reach out to the companies yourself and ask them for sponsorship.


Since its inception, social media has been a boon more than a curse. Social media platforms have overturned the way of marketing. Along with assisting you to grow your business, they also help you to generate income.

These are the 7 effective ways on how to monetize your Pinterest. Try these out and make money online from this social media platform.

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