Three Great Alternatives to Google Analytics

Three Great Alternatives to Google Analytics

Don’t you think we should know the alternatives to Google Analytics?

When we talk about measuring the data and analyzing your website’s performance, the first name that most probably will pop up in your mind is Google Analytics. After all, it is Google’s own analytical tool which lends an authenticity to it. And it is also entirely free. But are you sure Google Analytics is giving you all perfect data?

Analyzing the performance of your website and tracking its statistics bestows a privilege upon you to optimize and improvise it. So it is important to know which tool you are using to do so.

But there are other tools too that performs the same functions as Google Analytics, some of them even better. Let’s dig into the:

Three best Alternatives to Google Analytics

Best Alternatives to Google Analytics

#1 of 3 Best Alternatives to Google Analytics



Alternatives to Google Analytics - Clicky

One of them is Clicky, which happens to be used by millions of users. According to a report, around 1,024,902 websites are using clicky to analyze their website and its traffic.

But still, there are many people who are not much aware of this tool. So here it is what you need to know about it.

What is Clicky Tool?

It created quite a stir when it was launched because of its unique features. Clicky is a web analytics tool that enables you to track and analyze your real-time website’s traffic. It provides you with a detailed report on visitors and examines their behavior.

It tells you how many visitors are visiting your website, what actions they are carrying out on your website, traffic sources, Bounce rate, your conversion rate (Goal tracking).


Clicky offers both free and paid plans for its users. For free plan, you can analyze 1 website with up to 3,000 page views. Depending upon your chosen paid plan, you can track from 10 to 1000 websites and from 30,000 to 20,000,000 daily page views.

For each plan, there is a free trial of 21 days with all the features of premium service. In this, you can track up to 3 websites and up to 10,000 daily page views. It offers the option of upgrading anytime either during the trial period or after it.

Even if you don’t want the premium one, you can continue with the free account too. But of course, the free account will provide limited functionality.
Clicky supply you with 27 different premium features to improve your conversion rate.

Below is the picture that shows you about the different plans, its membership, and features that it includes:


Alternatives to Google Analytics - Clicky Pricing


With this analytical tool, you can measure or analyze various metrics such as:

Under this section, you can monitor the actions performed by the visitors on your website. You can measure the detailed information about the source of the traffic, the time of the visit and the time spent on the website.
You can also get the information about the location of the user, browser platform or IP address. It also tells you the IP Address of the most active visitor based on the number of actions taken.

This section gives you a detailed report on the various content of your website. And lets you know the performance of your web pages.

For example, it tells you the number of pages visited by the user. It shows the details of every landing page and the page at which the user left your website.

It also allows you to track the other actions like the no. of clicks, shares, and downloads from your web page. You can even check the performance of your uploaded videos or other media.

This section tracks and identifies the keywords on which your website ranks on search engines.

Under this section, there is a subsection called ‘Engine’ which tells you about the search engine from where the user visited your site.

Furthermore, it also lets you know about the local searches and your rankings.

Links section informs you about the incoming links (that is, a link that brings traffic), the domain of incoming links and most recent unbound links.

It even monitors and tracks the unique links that fetch traffic and outbound links.

This section detects if any issues in layouts with different browsers. Based on the hardware, screen resolution and operating system used by the visitor, it tracks the visitors of your website.

This section aids you to discover the location or region from which visitor comes to your site.

It tells you about the country, regions, cities, languages, organizations, and hostname of your website’s visitors. Based on all these factors, you can track your visitor’s behavior. Besides that, it offers an interactive Global map of traffic locations and recent visitors map.

It enables us to track various campaigns. And it gives us a detailed report of different promotional campaigns. Furthermore, it helps us to determine which campaign is generating more traffic and which needs to be changed or replaced.

Under this section, you can track your goals and conversion rates. You can also know the number of visits to a goal and time.
Thus, this section measures your performance.

It detects you’re the downtime of your website. In case if it finds out any error or downtime, then it sends you an alert notification on your dashboard.

In this interesting feature, you can watch and monitor click by click interaction of your website’s each visitor.

Big Screen
This tells you the real-time behavior of your visitors including a number of visitors online, traffic sources and time spent on the website. Also, it measures the bounce rate.

The opinion of your visitor or customer regarding your brand matters the most. This distinctive feature tracks the opinion of people about your brand that visitor posts on Twitter.

It is the notification section that we receive on our dashboard. It sends alerts to us if finds any abrupt change in our website. You can also set this feature.


Other than the features stated above and its ability to provide real-time data, there are also features that make it unique.
For example, it gives live information about the visitors to your website.

Furthermore, for countries with strict privacy policies, it offers the option of IP anonymizer.

It allows you to track the additional customized data and also an API to track flash video and HTML5.
Clicky offers 4 main active forums such as
• Suggestions and Feature requests
• Help and Troubleshooting
• Developers
• General Discussion

So, you can share your opinions, experience or discuss regarding your issues on these forums.

Clicky also provides a support team, you can resolve your queries by sending them an email to

How to Install to your WordPress Website?

Are these features enticing you to install it? Do you now want to install it to your WordPress website?

Well, you can do that in these easy steps:

  • Make your account on Clicky and log in to your account
  • Go to the “preferences”
  • Click on the tracking code
  • Click and copy “Asynchronous tracking code”
  • Open Headers and Footers plugin and paste the code there
  • Now save it and you are ready.

Thus it is a preferred choice as best alternatives to Google analytics.

#2 of 3 Best Alternatives to Google Analytics


Alternatives to Google Analytics - Matomo


Another great alternative to Google Analytics is Matomo. Earlier it was known as Piwik. Piwik was officially announced as Matomo in January 2018.  It is the 6th most widely used web analytics worldwide.

According to a report released in June 2018, Matomo is used by 1,455,000 websites in 200 countries.

What Is Matomo?

Matomo is a free (GPL licensed) open source web analytics software that runs on a PHP/MySQL web server. It analyzes your website and gives statistics about its performance.

This tool monitors the activities of the visitors on your website and provides a detailed report on them. For example, the search engine used by them, keywords and language they use, files they download, pages they visit and like and many more.

Furthermore, it also gives analytics for more than one site at once.


Just like Google Analytics, Matomo offers free analytics service. It does not cost money. However, there are two ways to get Matomo, either you host it yourself which does not include any cost. Or you can use it on cloud nine which costs for server and the maintenance service, though it does offer 30 days free trial.

If you opt for the latter one, then it has four plans: Essential which is for $7.5/month; Startup which costs $25/month; Business which costs $41/month and Enterprise for which you need to contact to them.

Below is the picture that shows the plans and its features:

Alternatives to Google Analytics - Matomo Price



There are lots of features that Matomo offers. It has mainly four analytics report categories

Matomo provides real-time data of your visitors and the actions they performed. It tells you graphically about the visit over time, visit per server time, returning visits over time.

Matomo also tracks the device source of the visitor, software used by them and user id. You can view what visitors did before and after viewing a specific page, returning visitors, engagement, the location of the visitor, and their language.

Matomo tracks the behavior of your visitor on your site. It gives a detailed report on the no. of page views you get, and the average time spent.

Furthermore, it also gives information about the bounce rate, exit rate, entry pages, exit pages, page titles, and site search keywords, outlinks, downloads, events, and content.

This section provides in-depth analysis of the source of visitors like the search engine and keyword source, social network and website source. It also tracks your campaign to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

This tool tracks goals and conversion rate. It measures impressions, clicks, and CTR. You can easily manage your goals where you can specify when to trigger the goal.


Matomo posses various unique features which make it stand out of all the other analytical tools.

Matomo allows you to manage unlimited users and websites.

It offers customizable dashboards which mean you can create a new dashboard and widget according to your needs.

Furthermore, it keeps track and gives a report on page speed and website speed.

Matomo provides full privacy compliant and 100% data ownership which means nobody but only you can access your data.

It has no data limit, you can keep all your data without worrying about the storage capacity.

Besides, it also provides you with the feature of server log analytics. It enables you to import and analyze your web server logs with a higher level of security. On your server, it keeps data private.

It provides advanced E-commerce analytics feature. You can track product views, cart updates, orders and many more. So you can improve your online business.

It provides full support systems with free community support forums, training workshops, user guides, and professional consultation services.

You can track and record any data using Tracking API analytics.

It provides the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) system to strengthen data protection for all individual.

These are the few of the unique features of Matomo, there are many more that for sure you will want to explore.

Premium Features

Matomo also offers premium features  like:

  1. A/B Testing
  2. Heatmap Analytics
  3. Session Recording
  4. Custom Reports
  5. Form Analytics
  6. Media Analytics
  7. Conversion Funnels
  8. User Flow
  9. Search Engine Keywords Performances
  10. Multichannel Conversion Attribution
  11. Roll up Reporting
  12. Login SAML
  13. Activity Log
  14. White Label
  15. Woo Commerce Analytics


How to install it to your WordPress Website?

Well, if you are dwelling on the idea of installing it to your WordPress website, then it is not a big deal. You can do it in just a few easy steps:

  • Log in to your WordPress site
  • Add WP-Piwik Plugin then install and activate it
  • Go to settings and click WP-Piwik
  • Click on connect to WP-Piwik tab and select self-hosted (PHP API) in the Piwik mode list box.
  • Follow the instructions to configure your Matomo connection
  • Log in to your Matomo account and obtain your Authentication Token
  • Paste it in the Auth Token text box in your website and save changes
  • Click the enable tracking and select default tracking and save changes

Now you can view the statistics of your website. Thus it is another preferred choice for best alternatives to Google analytics.

#3 of 3 Best Alternatives to Google Analytics



The third groovy alternative to Google Analytics is Adobe Analytics. Its modern data analytics features make it beyond simple metrics and this makes it industry’s leading web analytics technology.

Adobe Analytics is a component of Adobe Marketing cloud which provides a set of services that include analytics, social media optimization, targeting, advertising, content management products, and web experience management.

What is Adobe Analytics tool?

Formally known as Omniture, Adobe analytics is real-time analytics that tracks your website and provides a detailed report across all marketing channels.

Furthermore, it enables to measure the KPIs that affect the digital business of Digital Marketers. It is mostly used by high traffic sites. This tool allows marketers to analyze customer’s behavior and to take customer-focused actions on big data.


Though Adobe Analytics doesn’t mention its price on its website, according to other websites it can average from $30,000 to $100,000 per year. Adobe Analytics offers three subscription plans namely: Select (Enterprise-grade analytics), Prime (Multichannel analytics for enterprise) and Ultimate (Experience-focused analytics).

Below are the pictures of features that these plans comprise of:



Like other analytical tools, Adobe Analytics also offers various useful metrics:

It shows the detailed data of the volume of visitors. Under this section, you can see a number of page views, no. of visits, unique visitors, bounce rate. It tracks and reports the traffic sources.

It shows the data regarding the conversions goals triggered, action taken by visitors, downloads purchases, and success events.

Video metrics- It tracks the video metrics, total views, time spent and completion rates.

Social metrics
It works with Analytics standard metrics. This allows you to measure your presence on the social web.

You can view the detailed report on the content of your website and how they are working.

This section tracks the paths including custom links, exit links, File downloads, and page not found.

It gives a full analysis of the audience of your website and tracks their activities and gives you detail insights.


The features offered by Adobe analytics are vast and unique. This is what makes it favorite of many websites of leading companies. These features include:

Multichannel data- It helps you to capture data from virtually any source (search engine, mobile devices, email, social media, etc). Thus, it allows you to integrate data from any source.

Custom variables- You can view the web and mobile app data. It allows you to pass the login id of a user into analytics to associate all user’s behavior with that id. So you can measure the specific behaviors of your users. It also enables you to determine which part of your site contributes the most to your conversion.

Unique Processing- It enables you to create a segmentation of all online data in real time. You can segment in many ways like segment by domain names, URL; patterns or directories. Or you can also segment on the basis of user-related data like IP address, operating system, browser type or version.

Off-line Data Integration- It allows you to integrate data from the CRM system or any other online or offline source. Hence, it gives you insight from offline source to track customer behavior. So you can learn more about customer attributes.

Tag Management- The tools provided by the Adobe cloud makes it easy to manage tags and in collecting and distributing data across Digital marketing systems.

Data Storage- It provides extended storage for customer data and allows you to store and export a large amount of data without any worries.

Ad hoc analysis- It offers analysis workspace feature which allows you to build customize analysis projects in flexible canvas. This helps you to know about the customer’s activities, how they are affecting revenues. And you can also know why your campaign is working and why not.

Flow analysis- It tacks the movements of your visitors like which pages they visit or how they reach there, where did they go and where they left. So it gives you robust flow and lets you measure the customer paths along the way to your website.

Segmentation- Adobe provides real-time advanced segmentation IQ feature which allows you to organize the data that will highlight the similarities or differences between customers. This will help you to differentiate and identify those customers who will give you the most profitable ROI.

Cohort analysis- With this unique feature, you can analyze your group of customers with common characteristics over a specified time period. Through this, you can understand customer lifetime value and build new audiences.

Other Beneficial features

Other useful and beneficial features include:

Advanced calculated metrics- It enables you to create and manage your own metrics. You can build metrics on the basis of specific characteristics like new visitors or on the basis of currency, percent or time.

Marketing attribution- This feature enables you to learn about your customers like what they want. It gives a robust analysis of your customer behavior. You can prioritize your content which is right for you.

Anomaly detection- It automatically identifies the anomalies in your data. So, it detects the unexpected actions on your website whether it is good or bad. Also, it shows you traffic spikes and dips clearly. It does not only tell you about the presence of anomalies in your website but also tells you the cause of it.

Contribution analysis- Along with Anomaly detection, contribution analysis works to make you understand the activities of your website and what is going on in your data.

Intelligent alerts- This unique feature of Adobe immediately tells or alerts you if something unusual happens in your website. You may set your alerts on the basis of anomalous activities. Through this, you don’t need to create multiple alerts, instead, you can keep track of various metrics in a single stacked alert.

Real-time data- It gives you real-time data. It provides live stream feature which lets you access the real-time monitoring of your website.

Audience analytics- The integration of Adobe analytics with Adobe audience manager lets you access the audience data such as information related to demographics, CRM data, ad impression, etc. It gives you a detailed analysis of your audience like what they are doing and how they are interacting with your brand.

Advertising analytics- It gives you an in-depth report of your advertising campaigns. You can know which campaign or ad is working in your favor and which one needs to be improved.

Remarketing triggers- This feature allows you to set triggers for remarketing. It takes advantage of your data in real time.

Mobile marketing- It offers you mobile app messaging feature to target your mobile user customers. This is just not it, it also allows you to automate mobile marketing insights which are triggered by insights you get from Adobe analytics.

Third-party integrations- It offers third-party integrations option so you can integrate with top technology brands like BrightEdge, Invoca, Hootsuite and You can choose from more than 200 integrations.

How to install it to your WordPress Website?

If you want to install this multi-tasking analytics to your WordPress website, you can add Adobe Analytics plugin by RepEquity.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard
  • Then go to plugin section and click in add plugins
  • Now add Adobe analytics plugin by RepEquity
  • Install it
  • Follow the instructions and add tracking code and save changes

Thus it is again a very great Alternatives to Google Analytics.


Analytics helps you to make improvisations that your website needs, so it is necessary to utilize it. But there are many analytical tools in the market, it is your call to choose the one which is right for your business.

These are the three best alternatives to Google analytics which performs brilliantly and give you an accurate result. Try out these cool analytical tools and boost your business.

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